Aikido Association of Cyprus

Chief Instructor – Sensei Agis Agisilaou

aikidoTraditional Aikido was developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba in Japan. It is an effective discipline for the development, integration and utilisation of all man’s powers, both physical and mental (spiritual).

Aikido means method or way (do), harmony (ai) of mental energy or spirit (ki).

The discipline of Aikido has been established in Cyprus for almost a decade. It was first introduced by Sensei Agis Agisilaou, the Chief Instructor of the Martial Arts Academy, who has managed with ongoing, extensive campaigns and personal sacrifice to elevate it to its present level.


Aikido is basically a Japanese art of self defense and is used successfully by the Armed Forces, the Police and other similar services in Japan and in many other countries. Aikido is also very popular among women because it is the most effective method of self defense since it does not require great muscular strength.

special Aikido classes for beginners in safety awareness and basic defense skills for all & Self Defense for Women and Children

One of the major benefits of martial arts training is that it instills in you confidence in your strength and defensive abilities. When you are under attack or faced with a threat you don’t have much time to make decisions.

The skills and exercises taught at the Martial Arts Academy are designed to train members on how quickly to assess the situation at hand, to act and react in an apropriate manner using blocks, joint manipulation, control techniques and disarming techniques.






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